Flexible Solutions
Our architecture allows us to tailer solutions custom for your venue. Provide VIP fans with in-seat ordering, or bring the suite experience to every seat in the house. You can outfit servers with tablets to create a high-tech meets high-touch environment while interacting with patrons. For guests on the go, we offer fast pass lanes for pre-pay and pick-up orders. Whatever the goals of your organization are let our software assist you in achieving them.
Turn-Key Integration
Our backend integrates flawlessly with existing POS systems to eliminate new hardware costs altogether. We offer tailored frontend API and accounting solutions to ensure effortless integration with your existing infrastructure.
Experience Full Customer Engagement
Keep your fans coming back for more with our customer engagement solutions and take advantage of our intuitive upsell prompts. With the push of a button create specials and promotions in real-time, capitalize on trends and reward loyal customers. We’ve got all of the tools at your fingertips.
The Smartest Data Out There
Our backend comes equipped with our custom analytics dashboard designed to capture raw data, provide meaningful metrics and allow you to capitalize on trends. From monitoring sales to creating customer profiles, our platform does it all. The best part? It couldn’t be simpler to use.
Sell More
Fans spend more in our app on average than if they had paid cash or gone to a concession stand. Take advantage of engaging customers through push notifications and make all your fans feel like they’re getting VIP treatment. Seat Side Service makes your tickets more valuable.
Custom Solutions
We offer white-label solutions, API integration, and more to allow for the best incorporation of our technologies. Think your venue may require a unique solution? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to talk!
Traditional POS systems are expensive and outdated. Our mPOS solution puts the latest tablet and software technologies to work for a fraction of the cost. Maximize security with end-to-end credit card encryption, monitor supply chain efficiency, and avoid training and re-training with our intuitive interface.