1. What is Seat Side Service?
Seat Side Service is a mobile application available on Apple and Android products that allows consumers to purchase concessions directly from their smartphone.
2. How much does Seat Side Service cost?
Seat Side Service is free to download but charges a convenience fee for orders that are processed from your phone. The convenience fee varies based on the location of the venue but will be added to the total cart value upon checkout.
3. What is my Seat Side Service account?
The Seat Side Service account stores your personal information including username (cellphone number), password and credit card data. The account information also logs receipts and allows you to review previous orders that were processed on your account.
4. How secure is Seat Side Service?
Seat Side Service will never share your personal information with third parties specific to the terms and conditions. Your credit card information is stored on an encrypted server that is PCI compliant. Seat Side Service is audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, this is the most stringent level of certification available. All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256.
5. Where do my orders get billed?
When you place an order through Seat Side Service our mobile application bills the credit card on-file provided during the account set up process. All charges will appear on your credit card’s monthly statement like any other credit card purchases. No additional charges will be placed on to your mobile phone for engaging in our services.
6. How do I get ahold of my order?
Your order will be delivered to a designated location inside the venue. This location will be selected by the user and will allow users to input their specific location (i.e. Section, Row, Seat, Theater, etc.). Seat Side Service is not responsible for users who submit invalid information so please be mindful upon checkout.
7. How do I select a venue?
Venue selection occurs during the initial launch of the application. Users will be given a list of venues with open kitchens, it is important that users select the appropriate venue. Seat Side Service will not be responsible for users who accidently select the incorrect venue. Note, only kitchens that are open will appear on the application.
8. What if I forgot my password?
If a user forgets their password they will have the option to select “forgot password” where the original account information will be deleted. Users will have to set up a new account and resubmit their personal information. This is an easier process than retrieving your original stored information via email and is more secure.
9. How do I update or edit my credit card information?
Users can update or edit their account information by selecting the “my account” icon. Once a user verifies their credentials all credit card information can be edited or updated.
10. How do I delete my Seat Side Service account?
Users who wish to delete their Seat Side Service account can contact our organization through the customer support page and request a termination. Users can also follow the specific guidelines of their smart-phone to delete the application from their device.